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Host a Sondheim Nonprofit Leadership Fellow

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Expectations of Hosts/Mentors

SNLP Mentors provide a full-time, substantive internship for students from June 3, 2019-August 9, 2019.

SNLP Mentors are asked to commit to the following:
  • Attend our opening kickoff (June 3) and closing celebration (tentatively August 7)
  • Set clear objectives and expectations for the position.
  • Assign meaningful tasks and duties that help further the organization’s mission.
  • Evaluate the intern and provide regular feedback.
  • Schedule regular meetings with the intern to allow open discussion of expectations, upcoming projects and progress the intern is making. This also allows the intern to ask questions and express concerns.
  • Provide adequate training and supervision to make the internship a real learning experience.
  • Provide the workspace, tools, materials and equipment needed for the intern to be able to complete required assignments.
  • Guide the intern, assist in skill development and answer questions.
  • Include the student intern in relevant meetings when possible so he/she can gain experience attending and participating in business meetings.
  • Include the intern in events to provide networking opportunities.
  • Provide a professional environment that fosters a safe and productive work atmosphere.
  • Provide a final evaluation at the conclusion of the internship to discuss the intern’s performance and accomplishments, and also to identify strengths and opportunities for continued development.
  • Meet any educational requirements set forth by the student’s home institution if the internship is being taken for academic credit.