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Application Prompts

Application Prompts (Essay and Short Answer)

Program Essays

Essays should be 2-4 pages double spaced with a 4 page limit.

GSIP Essay Prompt:

Select an issue or policy impacting the state of Maryland that is of interest to you. Describe, specifically, how you would address and tackle this issue as a government leader?

SNLP Essay Prompt:

Select an issue impacting the state of Maryland that is of interest to you. Describe, specifically, how you would address this issue as a nonprofit leader?

Short Answer Prompts

1. Personal Statement/Goals (400-500 words)

These programs are designed to equip you with skills to launch your career, and prepare you especially for careers in public service.  Tell us about yourself and why you are interested in this program. How does participating fit into your life/career goals? What do you hope to gain through your participation in this program/How do you hope to grow? What has led you to explore a career in public service? Use this as a chance to let who you are shine through. *We welcome your reflections upon your identity and background (i.e., culture/ethnicity, religion, socio-economic class, race, gender, sexual orientation, other…)

2. Leadership Style (250-350 words)

John C. Maxwell, author of The 360-Degree Leader, explains the principles leaders can use to bring value and influence to and from anywhere in an organization, enabling them to lead up, lead across, and lead down. Leading up is the process of influencing a leader, which includes lightening the leader’s load by being willing to do what others won’t, while knowing when to push forward and when to back off. Leading across happens when those in the middle of an organization help peers achieve positive results, let the best idea win, and garner mutual respect. Leaders who lead down help people realize their potential, become a strong role model, and encourage others to become part of a higher purpose.

Drawing from past experiences describe how you have demonstrated 360-Degree leadership (a time when you have led up, a time when you have led across, and a time you have led down). How do you foresee yourself being a leader if you are selected for a public service scholars program? What type of 360-degree leadership do you hope to improve upon during your time as a fellow?

3. Reflecting on a struggle (150-250 words)

Describe either 1) a misstep or mistake you’ve made OR 2) a time when you were unsure of yourself. How did you overcome it and how have you grown from it?  Is there anything you would do differently if facing a similar situation today?

4.  Mentoring Relationships (150-250 words)

Drawing from past experiences, describe any formal or informal mentor relationship in your life and how it’s impacted you.  What strategies will you use to form and develop mentor relationships while participating in this program?